Health Fair

Talmadge Health Fair
Posted on 04/10/2017
Health Fair 2017

A Healthy Dose of Fun!

TMS Health Fair 2017

By: Sage Henke and Kaleb Cantrell-Photographer

The Talmadge Health fair was this last Thursday on April 6th and it was brilliant!    

    There were many volunteers and families enjoying the fun. We asked some of those volunteers what drove them to help out. Mario Alvarez says, “ I want to encourage kids to not do drugs.” Some students like Natalie Wells and Abigail Gatherum just enjoy helping out.     

    Some 7th grade helpers, Gretchen Mitchell, Berean Jones and Josie Dunmire claim they are interested in educating the world about health.  I then found the legendary Mrs. Higgins, the founder of the Health Fair. When asked about how long the Talmadge Health Fair has been going on, Higgins proudly answered that this community event is on it’s 11th year.  Higgins stated that what drove her to create this opportunity was that,   “We wanted to connect our community members with health and wellness and bring health to the community.”

    One year, she claimed to have had about 800 community members come through! Many teachers attended or volunteered at the event. A 7th grade favorite science teacher, Mrs.Watson has attended every year. She says, “ I like it because you get to see a lot of people from the community and different organizations dealing with health. The first year, I didn’t really know what to expect, I was surprised with how many people came, and Higgins does a really good job.”

    Amaree Kofoed says, “ This is my third time attending, and I like the free candy. I’d have to say this year was pretty fun.”

    Many of the  organizations with booths at the fair were happy to be a part of the Health Fair. The volunteers from the Oregon Child Development Coalition said they were very happy with the amount of people attending and all the community partners present.   The Health Fair was a blast with fun games, a pony with sneakers on, and the fire department, as well as a puppet show.   It’s getting better every year as the community is getting healthier and more involved in community wellness.   Talmadge Health Fair is definitely a healthy dose of fun!