Celebrating spring

TMS World Cultures Class Celebrates Spring in a Colorful Way
Posted on 04/03/2017
TMS World Cultures Class

By Sage Henke and Yvonne Valencia Sandoval  

    In India, the Holi Festival is a colorful celebration that celebrates the arrival of Spring and the passing of Winter. It is also a time to forgive others and to let go of worries.   On Thursday, March 23, 2017, Ms. Gault’s Culture Class celebrated their own Talmadge version of the Holi Festival.  According to Ryley Urenda, their mini Holi festival was “exciting”. We asked Urenda If he felt like he was at the actual festival in India, his response, “ Yeah, except there were only like 20 people instead of 4 million.”

    We also asked Jill McBeth about this colorful gathering. What was your favorite part? McBeth says “ Throwing the powder, this is the first time I’ve gotten to throw stuff in my friend’s face without getting in trouble for it.” Both McBeth and Urenda agree the festival was a blast! Even though they got colorful powder up their noses and in their teeth, the only thing they would change is how short the wonderful Talmadge version of the festival was.  Welcoming Spring after a long Winter with color and fun seems to be the best way to celebrate new beginnings.