8th Grade Forecasting

8th Grade Forecasting & Parent Night
Posted on 02/08/2016
Welcome to CHS!On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, counselors from Central High School will be visiting TMS to meet with 8th grade students.  During Social Studies classes that day, counselors will talk about the forecasting process for the 8th graders' upcoming freshman year.  Each student will be provided with a folder of information that (s)he will bring home to discuss with parents.

At 6pm that evening (2/23/16), parents and students are invited to an "Academic Planning" night at the TMS Library.  Counselors will explain the forecasting process and give suggestions on how to support students through this process.  The program will be in English and Spanish and counselors will be available to answer questions.

Two days later, on February 25, students will bring their completed folders of information back to school.  Each student will have the opportunity to meet individually with a counselor to make sure all paperwork is properly completed and answer any questions.

This summer (late July/early August), registration information from Central High School will be sent to all incoming High School students.  This will provide the date(s) of registration.  Registration includes:  receiving class schedule, paying fees (sports, yearbook, etc), locker assignments, sports sign-ups, club sign-ups, and other information.

We look forward to seeing you on February 23 at 6pm at the TMS Library.