Talmadge MS Choir: more than you know

Talmadge Middle School Choir: More than you know
Posted on 04/10/2017
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Talmadge Middle School Choir: More than you know

By Brynn Swartwood

      If you have ever been to a Talmadge Middle School choir concert you might not understand the amount of work, planning, and soul that goes into every performance. Dianne Nelson the mastermind of it all, has been teaching choral music in different capacities for 25 years. She has been teaching choir at TMS for 5 years. Nelson has advanced the choir program dramatically in the ways of providing more opportunities for students to shine individually and starting back up the first 6th grade choir in over a decade. Not only did she change the program’s whole foundation, she made it a priority to make sure the choirs had available to them, new choir robes since the robes she had been left with were from the 60’s and were in only adult sizes!

Since Nelson has began teaching, student involvement has improved drastically. “Student involvement has more than doubled. The first year I was here we had about 50 kids in choir, and now we have averaged to about 120.” Nelson reported. Due to the growth in students in choir, she began struggling with the fact that she was running out of robes for students to wear during concerts.

        From that frustration and belief the students deserved better, she began fundraising even more and encouraged students to participate in the fundraisers. It took over 5 years of hard work but it payed off when Nelson was finally able to purchase the new robes for the choirs.

As well as an Amazing choir teacher, Nelson has also impacted many students lives profusely by being an incredible role model. As one of Nelsons student, I can advocate that she has made an impact on my life.  I then interviewed Sapphire Williams, concert choir Top Cat Award winner to ask her how Nelson has impacted her life. “She’s always been there for me through tough times, she’s made me a better musician and has always encouraged me to keep going and to work for my dreams.” Nelson has always made sure choir was a safe environment for students.

Nelson had some advice for the students who were three year veterans of the choir program. “I would hope that if they take nothing else they take this idea of a growth mindset, that if you fail at something it doesn’t matter. You just do it again. If it doesn’t work then you find a different way to make it work. If they take that with them, plus a love for music and a desire to make music at some level then I’ve done my job right.” Nelson will continue impacting students lives for the rest of her teaching career and life.  Without Nelson, TMS choir would not be what it is today.